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Color Cues

Updated: Jan 24

By Kelly Schupp

Our surroundings influence our state of mind. Color, in particular, personalizes a space, but people often find color selection challenging. There is hesitancy to commit when painting furniture. Will it be the correct tint? Will the result create the right impression and blend with other room elements? There are several details to consider when selecting color to apply to furniture.

Whether a bright blue or a modern white, colors present themselves differently when applied to furniture compared to small paint swatches. Shades vary depending on light exposure and paint sheen. We lacquer our customers’ chosen furniture in either gloss, satin, or dull-rubbed finishes. Gloss makes the paint color appear illuminated since it reflects more light. Satin is a little more light-reflecting than the matte finish of dull-rubbed lacquer. If a customer can’t decide between two colors but wants a glossier finish, we recommend choosing the darker shade for a pleasing result.

Rail & Stile customers have the freedom to choose any color they wish. They can even match a fabric swatch or a wall color painted in a specific Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, or Farrow & Ball color. We carry twenty of the most-requested colors in the shop, which we offer as an option without an upcharge. They are tried-and-true shades that mix beautifully with popular fabrics and wall coverings.

If you’re trying to match a certain shade, we customize or replicate all the major paint manufacturers’ products. Farrow & Ball colors are sensual and lush, echoing the colors of historic England. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have a variety of collections—from historic to coastal to urban chic—and we can make appropriate recommendations for choosing sheen and saturation for each of them.

Choosing furniture color is a fun and creative art form. Rail & Stile takes the overwhelm out of the process by making color recommendations. If customers need more assistance, we connect them with our design partners who advise them about the best color options that blend with their homes’ architectural and design styles. A one-hour consultation with a professional designer at a nominal fee of $125 is all our customers need to confidently select the right color for their projects. Rail & Stile’s professionals take it from there and lacquer the piece with a forever finish in the perfect shade, ready for its new home.


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