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The Art of Working Plants Into Your Interior Design

It's easier than you think!

When it comes to bringing a room to life, a plant is always a good idea. Whenever I get tired of looking at one of the vignettes in my own house, I grab a lovely structural bit of green - whether it’s a structural snake plant, a reaching Chinese Evergreen or an elegant orchid.

Kay Leggett is the owner of the popular Raleigh-based houseplant business in Raleigh called Houseplant Hippie! Kay sells her carefully selected plants here at Rail & Stile and maintains them for us so that they are healthy, happy plants ready for their new home. Prices on these lovely plants range from $30-$120 depending on type and size.

Kay’s advice is simple….Plants are just like us - they need love and they need care. But most importantly, they need to align visually and energetically with you and your space! Whether you’re looking for a statement plant for that empty corner or looking for an air detoxifier, search for the plant that makes you happy and brings balance to your space!”

1. Instant refresh! Placed almost anywhere in a room, a plant can make it feel re-invigorated. Placed in the right spot and it can also feel balanced and complete. Don’t forget the perfect pot for the space.

2. Leverage in unexpected places…..You can leverage plants in most rooms in your home, even in unexpected areas - such as adding them to kid’s rooms to teach caregiving and creativity. Or adding plants to your bathrooms to provide a spa-like feel.

3. Focus on size….Large plants work great as statements and to fill that pesky corner of the room. Small plants are perfect to bring tabletops to life.

To sustain your plants long term, make sure they are in the right environment in terms of both temperature and sun exposure. Most plants prefer bright, indirect light. But some are good in low light conditions - we love snake plants for exactly that - and we have 3 or 4 available

at the shop currently.

And to help it all come together, here at Rail & Stile, we sell a variety of lovely planters to house these beauties and are the perfect one stop shop when you want to add some life and greenery to your interiors. Pick your planter carefully as it also adds texture, color and design aesthetic to your interior. We have terracotta, ceramic, cement and others in stock….

Learn more about Kay Leggett and her company, Houseplant Hippie

Kelly Schupp

Co-Owner + Curator

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