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The Power of Modern Ming


I am so excited about our Modern Ming collection, I wanted to share with you some of the thoughts and motivations that went into this collection. I have had this vision of a Ming influenced style for some time and with my craftsman and partner, Cromwell, this Modern Ming line brings these ideas into reality. I hope you find this as exciting as I do.


For over 300 years, the Ming Dynasty witnessed a flourishing of Chinese arts, literature, technology, exploration and culture. From the building of the Great Wall of China to the construction of the Forbidden City to the awe, grandeur, and spiritual connection of Chinese landscape painting, this period left an indelible influence on the world today. This period saw remarkable achievements in literature, poetry, painting, calligraphy, and porcelain production that shape and guide modern styles.

Cultural and social norms of this period embodied loyalty, benevolence, harmony and order. The term “ming” translates to “brilliant” and was chosen to represent renewal, restoration, and the vision of a bright future for China. The Ming Dynasty also saw a restoration of Confucianism emphasizing balance, harmony and the complementary force of nature.

It is these concepts that have shaped and influenced our Modern Ming Collection. Designed and crafted in our workshops, each piece is handcrafted and meant to embrace the culture of the Ming Dynasty as well as bring harmony and balance to any home.

The Modern Ming Collection features 7 styles - a credenza, server, console, stool, coffee table, end table, and desk. Each style is available in an array of lacquer colors. Each piece is individually stunning but also very complementary when used together.

With our palette of lacquer colors and stained finishes, you can ensure that each style will create the harmony and balance in your home that has been practiced and celebrated since the Ming Dynasty over 500 years ago.

To learn more about the collection, read this blog.

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Dulcie Fusillo
Dulcie Fusillo
Jul 10, 2023

Nice article Kelly! It is very informative and I completely agree! I love my indoor plantsI

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