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At Rail and Stile, our passion is curating and lacquering vintage, contemporary and antique furniture to your specifications. In order to get your new piece of furniture from our shop to your home or business, we partner with other small businesses that specialize in white glove shipping and delivery.

What does the shipping process look like?

Once we have a good idea of the completion date of your piece of furniture, we contact our shipping partners to arrange the fastest possible transportation to you. When the transport vehicle arrives at our shop, your piece(s) are individually wrapped in blankets to protect them from damage that can occur when traveling over long distances. We exchange your contact information with the shipper and will provide their information to you to ensure a smooth delivery process. They will contact you directly to set up a time for delivery. Upon reaching your destination, some companies will move the piece from their vehicle to your desired location, while others will deliver to foyer only. The cost of shipping is reflective of the level of service and we can discuss that with you upon purchase.

Why do we use smaller shippers and not larger, well known companies like Metropolitan?

We prefer to partner with smaller companies because it has been our experience that the larger shippers tend to take longer to get you your piece(s) of furniture and move them around more during the curing period. The fewer times the piece of furniture is handled the less likely it is to be damaged in transit. Our smaller delivery partners take your piece of furniture from our shop and deliver it directly to your door and are easier to work with when a piece is damaged in transit. 

Note that this does not mean that delays will never happen, but we do our best to ensure that your piece arrives in a timely manner.

What happens if my piece is damaged in transit?

We specialize in wood construction and furniture repair. From filling holes, sanding to rebuilding. We'll make the necessary repairs to your lacquer and refinish projects.

Why can't I have a local refinisher repair the piece?

If there is a refinisher locally who is familiar with spraying pre-catalyzed nitrocellulose lacquer, then that might be an option for you. You would need to talk to the shipper regarding who would pay for that repair. It would not be us. Whereas if you send back to us through our shipping partner there will not be a charge.

Can I arrange for my own shipping?

If you wish to arrange for your own shipping you can. However, we cannot be held responsible for damage that may occur during the shipping process. We will be happy to help repair your piece of furniture and get it back to you, but the cost of the repairs and shipping charges will be at your expense.

What if I am purchasing multiple pieces from you. Can I have them shipped as they are completed?

We can ship pieces as they are finished, but this will be the more costly option for you. If you can wait for all of your pieces to be finished, it will save you money in shipping costs.

Why has my piece of furniture been delayed?

Because we partner with shippers that are smaller, they create routes weeks in advance. Sometimes they are not making deliveries to your area for several weeks. Their routes can also change for a variety of reasons. We will continue to work with you to get your piece(s) to you as quickly as we can. Once your new piece has left our shop, if there is a delay in getting it to you, the shipper will reach out to you directly. We have little control over the piece once it has been turned over to the shipper.

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