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Meet Helen Rutledge

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Rail & Stile is honored to partner with number of skilled and talented artisans who are experts of their craft. Meet Helen Rutledge, one of Rail + Stile's talented artisans.

Bibelot is your go-to source for unique home goods focusing on luxury bespoke lampshades. Bibelot Owner Helen Rutledge founded the store in 2019 as an antique and vintage home goods store filled with objects from all over the world. From the beginning, Rutledge needed help finding replacement shades for beautiful antique and mid-century modern lamps whose shades were either missing or damaged. Through research and effort, Rutledge honed her skill to use the exquisite fabrics in the store, reenvisioned as stylish custom shades. “Looking to far-off places for inspiration, I took the Covid lockdown as an opportunity to create a unique product with all the fabrics I was collecting. Each shade comes out a bit different from the last; each has its own soul. I get so excited searching for new fabric and textiles and turning them into eye candy that creates rich, colorful spaces”, says Rutledge.

The Alabama native’s love for fashion drew her to New York, where she worked for powerful fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg before exploring her passion for cooking. After working as a chef in several restaurants in New York City, her journey led her to Charleston, where she worked as a marketing and public relations professional for a restaurant company. But she was drawn to the history of Charleston. She grew as the Development Director for the Historic Charleston Foundation and started the Charleston Antique Show. The stories those art pieces told made an imprint on her heart. “Everything led me to this point. I was lucky to find this business. It revolutionized my life.”


Kelly Schupp

Co-Owner + Curator


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