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3 Tips for Styling Your Home with Vintage Décor

November 20, 2023 by Marcello Kline

Updated on November 30th, 2023

Adding allure and flair to your home is executed best when your personality shines through. This can be done with sentimental pieces such as photographs, but can also be elevated by styling your home with vintage decor. Whether you own a modern minimalist condo in Chicago or a charming brownstone apartment in New York City , this Redfin article will help you transform your space into a blend of past and present, infusing it with a timeless elegance that is both personal and stylish.

1. Embrace mixing and matching styles Creating a unique space means mixing different styles to make it interesting and personal to you. Not every room has to be explicitly contemporary or explicitly traditional. Ali Abler with Pasadena Antique Mall, states that you “shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match styles.” Incorporating vintage pieces within your defined look is a great way to introduce elements that embody who you are and what you enjoy. Annette Vartanian, creative director for A Vintage Splendor, suggests “keeping an eye out for materials that transcend trends.” Therefore, explore unique items such as marble and travertine or vintage brass accents rather than searching for a specific aesthetic. Sangam with Antiqueace, states, “Eclectic pairings, such as Victorian chandeliers juxtaposed against sleek, contemporary backgrounds, are also a great way to create a striking effect.” Jimmy Maler with Vintageous Life suggests introducing vintage mid-century modern décor elements to give your other items “soul” while keeping the classic ones “relevant and unique.”

2. Upcycle pieces Upcycling is a creative and sustainable way to give old furniture and décor items a new lease on life. By repurposing pieces, you not only add a personal touch to your home but also contribute to a more environmentally friendly approach to interior design. Kelly Schupp, owner of Rail and Stile, suggests “upcycling pieces to preserve the sentimentality and character while personalizing it to your home.” Therefore, polishing up pieces to co-exist within a space of more modernly manufactured elements can be a great way to give them life yet again. Kari Baker, owner of What Once Was Old Vintage, shares how upcycling can be as simple as “changing out hardware” on vintage décor, and Katrina Teague co-founder of Charlotte Vintage, shares how these pieces can have decades of history, ultimately spearheading conversations for guests to learn more about you and your personality.

3. Introduce a statement piece Delia Morin, owner of The Vintage Dahlia Table, says that a statement piece can be a great way to create interest in a space and serve as a point of reference for the room’s overall aesthetic. Tricia Derry, owner of Vintage Alley Rentals, shares that these statement pieces can include “old trunks, tufted chairs, or a fabulous Chesterfield leather sofa.” Playing with elements that interest you and inspire personality within your home can create a homey feel every time you walk through the door. Final thoughts on styling your home with vintage décor: There’s no better time to search for unique items that reflect your personality than now. No matter the design style you have going in your home, adding vintage pieces is for everyone and can be fun, either done on a whim or with intent. For those still determining where to begin, Ella O’Donnell, owner of Vintage Floral Design, suggests starting with antique malls or thrift shops.

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